DuckSquad! *quacks*

Welcome to The Official DuckSquad Website!

Welcome to DuckSquad!

DuckSquad is a server where you can go fight to the death with others, go live a happy calm life or live on a floating island O-O Currently, we have 5 amazing staff working on making this server perfect! If you have any suggestions or see a bug in-game, go to the player forums section. :D Happy quacking.

Why did you create DuckSquad?

DuckSquad was created because of so many rejections. I (Splonk) applied for staff on countless servers. I was rejected from all of them :( So I decided to create my own server! Originally it was just me and my builder messing around with worldedit on a laggy server. Then we got more amazing staff and have the DuckSquad you know to this day!

How did you meet your staff?

When I made my server, I knew right off the bat we needed more builders. So I went around on Discord looking for people to help me! Discord has also been a big part of my life, but that’s another story. Before we bought a PebbleHost server, we used 4 other free server hosts! Not going to lie, they were pretty bad. But what do you expect from a free server host? Eventually we had to move to a better server.

Why is the name DuckSquad?

When I was thinking of what to name the server, it just *poofed* I just thought of ducks and at first it was going to be named DuckMC, but anything with ___MC is taken by everything else. I thought, DuckClan, DuckClub even DuckPeeps! But i just thought DuckSquad fit the best.

Server Status

Name: DuckSquad
Status: Offline
Players Online: /

Name: DuckSquad KitPvP
Status: Online
Players Online: 0/10

Name: DuckSquad Survival
Status: Online
Players Online: 1/10

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Note: All streams are in eastern time. Streams on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are held every other week.


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