10 Proven Ways to Balance Work and Family

Maintaining a work-life balance is one of the most important things in our daily lives. Not being able to give family time or being productive at work can be overwhelming or stressful issues. Here are some ways to balance work and family without the distraction of both.

Successful couples work at it.

Researchers at Colorado State University studied 47 middle-class dual-career couples with children to identify key strategies for successfully managing family and work balance. Here are 10 ways these couples discovered to balance their family and work relationships. these are the types The choices successful couples make in order to have the kind of marriage they want to describe in their own words.

10 Proven Ways to Balance Work and Family Life

1. Valuing Family

Successful couples stress the importance of putting family first. They create family time like Friday’s “pizza night” or a nightly bedtime story. These couples limit working hours and sacrifice career development to make career changes or Accept a less prestigious position where keeping your family a priority.

  • Husband (H):…every night one or both of us read with our son for about 20 minutes.
  • Wife (W):…David is going to medical school…creating an absent father for over eight years…we say no…we need to pursue something else.

2. Striving For Partnership

Being a partner means being equally valued.

  • H:…My job is both making money and taking care of people and so is her job.
  • H:…if I win and she loses then we all lose.
  • W:.. we continue to talk about careers .. where do we want to go?

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3. Deriving Meaning From Work

Successful couples experience fun and purpose from their careers and jobs.

  • W:…we all really enjoy our jobs…they are stressful at times but we…feel good about what we’re doing.
  • H:…I get great satisfaction from my work.

4. Maintaining Work Boundaries

Successful couples commit to maintaining control over their work rather than letting career dictate the pace of their lives.

  • W:…we all love our jobs but when it’s off work we just leave.
  • W:…when you are at home you are at home; when you are at work you are at work.
  • H:…we always say “no” to jobs that require long hours of work…a lot of overtime on weekends.

5. Focusing And Producing At Work

Being productive at work is important for successful couples. Setting limits on their careers did not adversely affect their productivity.

  • H:…we all give our best in [our] work. [No one] ever felt like we were slacking off or getting off easy because we had kids.
  • W:…I don’t mess around. I was working when I was there.

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6. Prioritizing Family Fun

Successful couples use games and family fun to relax and enjoy life maintain emotional connection and create balance in their lives.

  • H:…I think a lot of our family connections revolve around these hikes or bike rides…sometimes fishing concerts…the three of us.
  • W:…Occasionally we try to do something impromptu; one night we spent a night of camping in front of the fireplace.

7. Taking Pride In Dual Earning

These couples view dual income as a positive for all their family members and do not accept negative social messages about their family arrangements.

  • W:…Of course [the children] satisfy you but they can only satisfy a certain part of you.
  • H:…one of the best gifts Patty gave me was going to work and taking home a decent income.

8. Living Simply

These couples make a conscious effort to simplify their lives.

  • W:…he doesn’t go out to eat. We don’t need cables. We don’t need to sit in front of the TV anyway.
  • H:…we don’t use credit cards. We can’t have fancy cars where payment will just eat you up.

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