10 Psychological Signs Someone Truly Misses You

Are you missing someone special right now?

Whether it’s an ex-partner or an old friend we often miss those who are dear to our hearts.

But the real question is: do they miss you too?

Even though you haven’t been together for a long time and you miss them dearly you still feel doubtful and full of doubts.

But how do you know someone misses you? Is it all in your head or do they really miss you?

Remember that old saying? Absence makes the heart more lovely. Scientists have found that absence does increase attraction and intimacy.

Research shows that when we miss someone our thinking and behavior patterns change. We engage in certain behaviors and actions that reveal our inner thoughts and emotions that are consciously or unconsciously repressed.

In this article we’ll examine some of the most common signs that someone special is actually missing you.

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Now let’s take a look at 10 psychological signs that a person really misses you:

1. They are your friends on social media

Do they still “like” or “follow” your social media posts? Are they still following you online months or years after you broke up? Well that’s a clear sign that they still miss you.

Think about it. Wouldn’t they have stopped you if they hated you? Or at least remove you from their social media? But if they’re still following you it means they want to keep in touch in some way. Research shows that if someone is friends with an ex on social media Lovers after a breakup mean they long for them.

2. They drunk dial you

Do you often get drunk phone calls or texts from your ex? Then it could be a sign that they miss you. Research shows that alcohol impairs our cognitive function. This means that when we’re drunk we drop our guard and let our emotions take over.

While that might not necessarily mean they still love your drunk phone calls it means they’ll be thinking of you when they’re most vulnerable. This means they still have some hope of being reunited with you. If they’re having a good time at the party will they still call you? Are they wasted? Alcohol makes them courageous enough to contact you.

3. They have not replaced you

Have they moved on and are dating someone else? When someone breaks up with their ex they enjoy their newfound freedom by dating new friends. But if they’re still single and haven’t replaced you with someone else it could mean they miss you and want to reconnect. Whether they’re burning bridges from the past or building bridges for the future can tell you a lot about whether they miss you.

4. They still talk about you

Is your old best friend or ex still speaking positively of you to their friends? When the person you cut ties with still mentions you in the conversation it means they miss you. Just because you’ve parted ways doesn’t necessarily mean all love is gone. Talking about you is a way Reach you indirectly because they know words travel fast.

5. They try to make you jealous

Do they post a lot on social media to show how great their life is? They might just want to get your attention by showing you how much fun they have with new friends. If they regularly post about their new social life it’s probably aimed at you.

On the other hand they may also post posts that may be directly related to you such as old photo love quotes or memes that you used to share with each other. All of this is a sure sign that they want your attention.

6. They ‘accidentally’ bumped into you

If they tend to bump into you by accident every now and then it probably isn’t as “accidental” as it seems. Since they are close to you they may have a good idea of ​​your general whereabouts; so they may try to stumble upon you in hopes of igniting that ancient spark.

They might even call or text you by mistake and say it’s a pocket dial but have a long conversation. This is how they contact you without the risk of rejection that comes with direct contact.

7. They talk about the good old times

When you actually talk or chat do they recall the past? If they talk a lot about how good your relationship or friendship is they may be trying to remind you of all the good old days. Why? That’s because they miss you and secretly want the trip back when you are together.

8. They criticize your new partner

Yes this is a given. Your ex may never compliment your new partner. But if they go out of their way to make sarcastic or cynical comments about your new boyfriend it’s a clear sign that they’re jealous and miss you terribly. They criticize your new partner because they hurt and wanted you to know.

9. They still value your gifts

Do they still keep all the little gifts and souvenirs you gave them back then? When you see them in person or in their social media posts are they wearing the t-shirt or wearable you gave them? If they haven’t thrown away your gift or refused to give it back the love is still there haunted in their minds. This is their way of showing you that they miss you.

10. They openly tell you

If they tell you directly that you are still on their minds what other signs do you need? If you feel like they’re being honest and they really miss you then trusting them won’t be your biggest mistake. Research shows that the connection between ex-lovers is mostly influenced by their attachment. So the closer you get to your ex the more likely they will miss you and tell you about it.

They might even try to reconnect with you or even ask you to meet. It takes a lot of courage to tell someone publicly that you miss them after a split. So whether you choose to reconnect or not there is no doubt that they will miss being with you.

Do you want more signs to know if they really miss you? Here are some quicker signs to look out for –

  • They imitate and replicate your behavior online or in the real world
  • They constantly try to meet up with you
  • They respond instantly to your texts
  • They compliment you every time you interact with them
  • They become emotional or ecstatic when you accidentally call or visit them
  • they told you something or someone reminded them of you
  • They have a positive warm and open body language whenever they “bump” into you
  • They still remember every little detail about you
  • They focus on you when you’re at a shared social gathering

So, there you have it!

These are signs that someone special misses you terribly and wants to reconnect.

But what you want to do is entirely up to you.

Do you want to give your relationship another chance? Or is it good enough to know they still miss you?

Relationships are complicated. Therefore it is best to take the time to consider the pros and cons before jumping to conclusions.

How many of these signs can you identify in your ex or ex-BFF?

Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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