5 Ways To Survive After Your Boyfriend Cheated

All relationships face their own obstacles and challenges but the most challenging is moving on after being cheated on. Infidelity in a relationship is the hardest to recover from but if you want to survive infidelity and get your life back on track accepting reality may be the first step. here is Some tips on how to heal after being cheated.

Are you shocked to find out that your boyfriend is cheating and wondering how you will get through the pain you feel? Do you just want to curl up into a little ball and disappear?

I’m sorry if you feel this way. I totally get it – I’ve been there like many women before you. Having your boyfriend cheat on you and the heartbreak that comes with it is one of the worst things you can go through and feel like it’s never going to end.

Well I can assure you that not only can you survive the fact that your boyfriend cheated on you but you can even thrive! I know it seems impossible right now but I promise you you can! Here are 5 ways to survive and thrive after your boyfriend cheats!

How To Heal After Being Cheated On?

1. Know that it’s not your fault.

First of all if your boyfriend cheated it’s not your fault. Many women blame themselves when their boyfriend cheats. They believe that as long as they’re warmer smarter more outgoing and more outgoing their boyfriends won’t cheat.

One of my clients found out her boyfriend was cheating on her and the first place she went was her fault. She’s been working hard and spending a lot of time with her friend and she knows she’s not giving him as much attention. So she blamed herself his infidelity.

I reminded her that there are two people in every relationship and that infidelity doesn’t usually happen in empty situations. I asked her if her boyfriend had talked to her about the fact that he had been feeling ignored. She said he didn’t. She guessed maybe he was but because he didn’t After she said it she continued.

I do believe that if her boyfriend was outspoken she might change his behavior to make him feel more settled in the relationship. But he didn’t speak – he cheated.

I would argue that cheating is taking the coward out of the way. My client’s boyfriend didn’t communicate with her and was looking for the connection he wanted from outside of their relationship. It’s not her fault. Neither is your boyfriend cheating.

2. Talk to him about it.

I’m sure you’re torn now. Part of you wants to yell and walk out the door. The other part of you wants to pretend that none of this happened and move on with your life. I guess talk to your boyfriend about what happened in any reasonable way It feels unfathomable.

One of the most important ways to survive after your boyfriend cheats is to talk to him. Why? Because it is important that each of you have the opportunity to talk and be heard. Because if you can do that it will be easier to figure out the next steps.

First you have to listen to what he has to say. He may have nothing to say which may make you decide whether to stay or take it easy. But he probably has something to say and he wants you to hear it. Something he hadn’t said before like my client above. Either way it matters Give him a chance to speak – you have to be willing to really listen.

Second it is very important that you have the opportunity to say what you need to say. It’s important that you ask questions that express anger and hurt and say everything you need to say so you can move forward one way or the other without having to No words were spoken.

Whether you stay or not a key part of surviving after your boyfriend cheats is making sure you’ve said everything you want so you know you can move on honestly with him and with yourself.

All that said you don’t have to talk to your boyfriend if you really feel like you have nothing to say to your boyfriend and what he says won’t have any effect. It is your right to walk away and never look back. He cheated. you have not. You can decide.

3. Get some help.

If you want to survive your boyfriend cheating I would 100% encourage you to seek help – a professional who can help you process your feelings and figure out what to do next.

Of course you have your friends your sister your mother your co-workers the internet and the owner of a bar down the street. You can talk to all these people about what happened and each of them will have an opinion to share with you. The problem is that those are not Professionals will give you advice based on their own experience not necessarily your story.

Also our friends and relatives usually tell us what we want to hear. If one night you feel sentimental about your people your friends will support you with reasons you can fix. If you go out with another friend the next night and express your anger that friend will Give you various reasons to break up with him.

The more people you ask the more confused you will be. If you decide to get back together with him all the people you share your stories with won’t be so happy to welcome your boyfriend back in.

So if you want to survive your boyfriend cheating get help. Find someone (like me!) who will listen to your stories and feelings and use their professional experience to help you move forward from where you are now. Doesn’t that feel good? go ahead?

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