How To Make A Man Miss You: Three Powerful Ways To Be “Missed”

It’s always a great feeling to be missed by a man you love or have a crush on. So if you want to make a guy miss you here are some strategies on how to make him miss you that work really well.

If I asked you “How do you build a healthy and close relationship?” what would you answer? Do you have a foolproof strategy for making a man miss you?

You might say you need to do things like have romantic dinners and deep conversations spend a lot of time together and get to know each other’s inner workings. While these are valid suggestions and may indeed lead to greater intimacy I invite you to embrace this idea: Missing out in a relationship is just as important.

Of all the things we can be one of the most important is “missing.” This seems counterintuitive.

How to make a man miss you: 3 powerful ways to be missed

You might say “But Clayton I need to be there to show him how good I am. If I’m not around him he’s more likely to forget my myth!”. To which I say “Au contraire!”

One of the most powerful tools you have at the beginning of a relationship is the drive to constantly long for and think about each other something that couldn’t have happened if you had been together.

In fact the opposite can happen. It could be that he realizes he needs some space from you which is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to create.

So the importance of breathing space cannot be overemphasized. Space is a key element that helps romance and passion burn especially early in a relationship.

So how can you address this in a healthy way and have the greatest impact? How do you make him miss you with the passion of a thousand suns? Or maybe just enough to ask you out again?

Ultimately there are three ways to make a man miss you in a way that is healthy and beneficial to your relationship.

If you follow these three steps you will make him think that you long for your presence and come back for more.

Step 1: Take full responsibility for your happiness

It’s an interesting romantic myth in our culture that it’s our partner’s job to make us happy. If they are not happy we fail them. In fact this is nonsense.

While the idea of ​​someone else making us happy is artfully articulated—”he made me so happy” or “she made me whole”—it’s actually dating doots. Why? Because happiness is an internal job – entirely and 100% our own responsibility.

If we don’t take responsibility for our own well-being we leave other people (our partners) to blame. It’s a breeding ground for resentment. When we are unhappy we point our fingers in their direction and accuse them of a lack of satisfaction.

This is one of the quickest ways to let a relationship fall apart.

So how do we avoid assigning our happiness to other people and keep it within our control? Connect with the things you love Take care of yourself Find value and self-worth outside of your relationships (whether through your work hobbies or volunteer work) and don’t blame others when things happen Wrong (or you’re feeling down).

Once you do you become a person who no longer needs to be rescued or freed from depression. He can breathe a sigh of relief because he doesn’t feel the responsibility to rescue you and “fix” your emotional state. You no longer need your partner to bear The role of the hero and you as the emotionally troubled teenage girl.

Instead you’ll be your partner’s true equal in the eyes of your date. It liberates you and your significant other by making respective well-being an inner job. This gives you both the chance to offer the best gift in any romantic union: the best version yourself.

Step 2: Trust Him

How to make a man miss you: 3 powerful ways to be missed

Trust is one of those fickle things – it’s foolish to keep trusting people when they’ve proven themselves untrustworthy. However until your partner gives you no reason not to assume they are the best.

Trust is one of the most critical elements of a lasting relationship.

Trust is one of the most important gifts you can give a man. When you trust him you allow him to demonstrate his integrity. When you trust him you choose to stop looking at him through your insecurities.

Instead you choose to let him create himself as the best and highest version of himself. You hold the vision to let him step in which in turn fuels his desire to be the best.

When you trust him you’ll be more willing to let him relax a little for a personal breath and take some time for yourself knowing he’ll fuel up more evenly. and ready to connect. This is how you can make a guy miss you and get him back for more.

Step 3: Bring in Emotions and Play

For most men emotional depth is untapped territory. They allow themselves to feel socially acceptable “male” emotions such as pride anger desire etc. but other emotions that might be considered “female” are largely forbidden. They are still buried quite deep Literally no man’s land.

Women on the other hand are emotional superstars and have more emotional flexibility than their male counterparts. In our culture it is acceptable for women to be able to feel a full range of emotions and express them openly. Use it to your advantage.

As a woman you can invite your man to join you in a rich world of experiences and feelings that he may have denied growing up. Part of him longs to gain insight into this long-lost emotional realm.

A woman who is not afraid to express her weaknesses to share her playfulness flirting and teasing telling him what she wants to cry about or is afraid of is very attractive.

This emotional expression invites the man present to slow down stop being future-oriented stop thinking about goals or making money. It was an invitation for him to step out of the mold association designated for him take a break and smell the roses as they were known.

He lives and feels through her instead and she actually lets him open up and feel things that he may not have allowed him to feel for a long time. There is a priceless treasure in this.


Playing and the act of comfortably embodying is something that men are very far from. In general women tend to be more sexualized. Introducing play and sexiness is another surefire way to get him into the present.

Most importantly it got him out of his head and into his heart. If you want a man to miss you that heart is exactly where you want to be.

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Are you ready to make your man miss you?

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