Why Do Narcissists Go Back After Discarding Someone?

Why do narcissists come back after dumping someone? The answer is simple – they always come back for pickup. Sometimes it takes time to realize that you are actually in their recycling process. They are looking for a partner who makes them feel special (read the victim). Once you’ve entertained them they’re likely to come Give it back to you after the breakup.

Think back to that glorious moment when you were pursued by the narcissist who trapped you. In the joy and excitement of that powerful and dazzling seduction there is a good chance that his or her ex will be mentioned. Isn’t that person the devil incarnate?

They are an abuser a drunk a drug addict a gold digger a gambler never worked a sponge never helped at home never helped a child grumpy sociable clumsy played video games all day etc. No doubt your narcissist’s ex is one or more of them. they are Smears on you from the start.

  • “He is just plain evil.”
  • “She’s just crazy.”
  • “You wouldn’t want to see her; she’s a fruit ring.”
  • “He was violent and obnoxious. Charming on the outside but terrible on the inside.”
When the Narcissist Comes Back Control Your Response

Hundreds of different ways to make sure you rate your ex and us better. Praise the sympathy that breaks freedom for the encouragement we have received by being with you. The fuel begins to flow as we tell story after story of terrifying treatment. All this is told after we listen Ditched this person when we embedded you in our world.

You may even have an affair with us. We admit that we are married and live with someone or are in a relationship but combining our charismatic charm with a tragic story about how our partner was horrible and abusive means you’re seeing a wonderful person Need your love you have no real concern about interfering in our relationship.

After all how many times have we told you that we never had sex with them again we didn’t even share a bed we just wanted the kids together and a hundred other reasons to woo you and reassure you that we want you.

We may even have left our partners with you. You are victorious. Good triumphs over evil when you make sure we have the courage and determination to support us to get rid of their horrible treatment of us. You have us the golden age can really begin.

After some time maybe weeks maybe months maybe even years something weird happens. We went back. You were unceremoniously dumped and we were back in the arms of our former partner.

How could this be? How can we go back to someone who is so horrible so abusive and so evil? How can we go back to someone we tell you so many stories about their abusive behavior and ugly characters? You saved us from them how can we get back?

How can we do this after everything you’ve done for us? The ex was horrible you were pleasant the ex didn’t care you never stopped caring the ex was cruel you were great.

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